Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Capital Steez - London Tee

£20 inc UK shipping 
Make payable via PayPal to c75branded@gmail.com
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Hand Painted Custom Jackets

All my custom jackets are custom painted by hand using paints and markers and sealed fully to make them weatherproof. Obviously don't machine wash them, just wipe the design with a damp cloth to clean. This is wearable art work and should really be worn for special occasions but as long as you treat it right it will last as long as the clothing itself. 
Here are 12 of my favourite designs I have done for customers, each one unique to them. All I need is an idea of your interests, any favourite images/symbols/colours, words/names, and I can come up with a design for you. 
Head on over to www.c75designs.co.uk and place an order in the C75 Customs section.

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

C75 Live Nike Air Max 90s - LIMITED EDITION

Nike-id C75 Live Air Max 90s

I created these using Nike id to go with the C75 Live colour way thats been running throughout recent projects. Cant wait for my pair to arrive.

Friday, 23 May 2014

North East Tattoo Expo

 BR Promotions are delighted to be staging the first North East Tattoo Expo on the 14-15th June 2014 at the Arc in Stockton.

Featuring three floors of the UK’s finest artists the state of the arc venue will showcase, artists from across the country.Organised by top Artist Mark Bester, who along with Ian Richardson have successfully hosted the last two Teesside Charity Tattoo Conventions, this event is a not to be missed weekend.

With doors opening from 11am, (or 10.30am if you have a ticket!) the artists will be joined by body modifications, suspending, entertainers, live bands and off course an open bar!

Each day features a full programme of activities, along with the big challenge that is “Masters of Style!”

Website: http://northeasttattooexpo.co.uk/